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Pearls from the Log

  • Lobster in April, 2013
    • After sailing the Eastern Seaboard from New York to Newfoundland for many years, I’ve become pretty proficient at dodging lobster pots in their many configurations whether singly or strung in pairs like clothes lines. In Maine’s high season, there are more lobster pots than stars in the sky.
  • Newfoundland, 2011
    • After seven years of cruising almost 50,000 miles, I’m embarrassed to say that we had never made it to Newfoundland. Since leaving the Great Lakes in 2004, Maeve and I have sailed the Eastern Seaboard, to winter in Florida & the Keys, the Bahamas and Cuba. We had explored the North Channel, the St Lawrence, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia but had never taken the leap across the Cabot Strait to the “ROCK”.
  • The Swamp, 2013
    • Maeve and I are fortunate enough to be among a relatively small group of Canadians who live aboard and travel in their sailboats, plying the waters from Ontario or the Maritimes annually to the warmth and sunshine of Florida and the
      Caribbean. For most of us, this involves not only ocean passages under sail but stints of motoring the intra-coastal waterway along the American shore and also an inland stretch to avoid the perilous waters of Cape Hatteras. The latter stretch from Norfolk to Elizabeth City, can be made either the high-speed route through Coinjock and Currituck Sound or the “road less travelled” where this story takes place – the Great Dismal Swamp.
  • Delivery for SW, 2013
    • Over our past five years and 35,000 miles of cruising our own boat, a Beneteau 390, occasionally delivering boats for friends has been a welcome respite. It has allowed us to experience different systems and designs which, in some cases, we have incorporated on Sampatecho. We have always been over-cautious when “surveying” the subject vessels before setting out. Safety and survival have always been paramount in our cruising so we won’t be held to any artificial dead-lines. This is the story of an experienced crew, a well-found, high-tech boat, a near-perfect forecast and a relatively short hop off-shore and how it went terribly awry.
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