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Marriage Saver Headsets are just like cordless telephones – you can both talk & hear at the same time.  Once turned ON, they are full-time so you don’t need to push any buttons to talk making them HANDS-FREE.

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Marriage Saver Headsets are just like cordless telephones – you can both talk & hear at the same time.  Once turned ON, they are full-time so you don’t need to push any buttons to talk making them HANDS-FREE.  And since the batteries are self-contained, there are no external wires or “belt-packs”.  Uses include:

  • Anchoring – Fore Deck to Helm
  • Rigging – Deck to Mast Head
  • Navigation – Nav Station to Helm
  • Repairs – Engine room to Helm
No More Yelling!   No More Anchor Dance!!
We like to call them the Marriage Savers!!!

Read a great article praising our headsets, “Anchoring for Couples“.

These headsets operate on a 9V battery snapped into the Right-side ear-set, so note that you will only hear from the Left.  The volume selector offers Lo or Hi.  The headband is adjustable for your comfort.  The effective range is 50 to 70 feet although they are rated at 300 feet.  For best reception, the antenna should be fully extended but may be tucked in to prevent contact with boat paraphernalia such as fore-stay or spreaders, that may want to knock the headsets off.

The microphone has a foam wind guard to reduce wind interference.  Speak in a normal tone with the mouth piece about 2″ (5cm) from your mouth and your conversation will be one to one as though you are facing each other in the cockpit.

If you are near a radio tower, you may have some musical accompaniment, but your conversation will still be clear.  Block Island, RI has notoriously poor reception due to radio interference.  The headsets can only be used in pairs.  Multiple pairs in close proximity will produce feedback.

Shop for gear……..$79.95/Pair with Padded Traveling Case (a pair is 2 headsets)

30-Day Replace/Refund Policy:

If you are dissatisfied with your headsets for ANY reason; return them to us with proof-of-purchase within 30 days and we’ll refund the purchase price of the headsets or replace them with a tested pair.

6 reviews for Mariner 500 Head Sets – SOLD OUT – OUT OF PRODUCTION

  1. 3 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    The price is right, but we get a lot of noise over both headsets. We have changed batteries; cut off our iphones. They tend to work best when the boat is not running. We are looking for something better.

    • :

      Hi John
      The noise you describe is probably from a high-output alternator or fridge compressor. Unfortunately the Mariner 500 headsets are susceptible to other onboard appliances and occasionally to nearby radio stations. In most cases, conversation is still viable in spite of this and at $70.00 this is what makes them such a great value for most people. If the sound quality is not acceptable, they can be returned for a full refund within 30 days.
      The other alternative is to return them for full value towards 2 of our new “My Team Talks” Bluetooth Headsets which have a range of 900 meters. These are superior to anything else available. Let me know what works best for you

  2. 3 out of 5


    We added the headphones to our supplies this summer. We were generally happy with them. We did get a lot of wind noise, but were able to comnicate over the wind. I felt they needed a back head strap and added a string to help keep them on my head as I was scrambling around on deck.

  3. 5 out of 5


    Our new to us boat came with a set of Mariner 500 headsets. My wife and I love them. It is much easier to dock while having quiet conversations, rather than yelling and trying to ensure one was heard. We occasionally get some minor noise interference and music, but nothing objectionable.

    My only suggestion is that a safety lanyard be included with the headsets. I fashioned one from a badge holder lanyard. One end loops around the headband and has a heavy duty spring clip on the other end that can be fastened to a PFD, shirt, etc. Whoever is tending the lines and fenders wears the headset with the lanyard.

  4. 5 out of 5


    We bought our first set of headsets when we bought our boat in 2005. A year later we bought another set to have as a spare because we found them to be invaluable. We too, call them “marriage savers”. Nobody likes to be yelled at or yelled to, but we often see it happening with other couples as they anchor. With our headsets, anchoring is effortless. We realize if we are not watching the show, we are the show. Rarely do we have a problem with noise interference and we understand why it occasionally happens. I added a lanyard to one headset to use when I’m working with the anchor. We keep an endless supply of 9 volt batteries on board because we occasionally forget to turn off a headset. One headset failed after eight years of use, so we were glad we had an extra. After the last spare is put to use, we will definitely buy another set to keep on hand.

  5. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    January 13 2015
    My wife and I just returned from the BVI where we sailed for seven days on a 41 Jeanneau. We had the christmas winds all week and loved it. Every mooring ball we picked up were in very windy conditions. The Mariner 500 headsets worked very well, strong winds were not a problem for the microphones and we were able to speak normally. This product could not have worked any better. Not having to use hand singles, my wife had her hands free to run the boat hook and pick up the mooring line. Not a single argument all week, while mooring or docking. Thanks

  6. 5 out of 5


    My husband and I have been blue water sailing and on the east coast. We bought a set five years ago. They were not called marriage savers but merely radio sets. I used the head sets in high wind, rain and rolling waves. Yes , sometimes it is hard to hear him, ( not yell) but I blame it on the conditions. In flat water, no problem hearing or speaking. At night our crew will use the radios if we have to put a reef in the main. I am not kidding these radios, albeit inexpensive, have helped to communicate when we have to go up the mast. It is a conversation not a screaming game. We do use a lanyard. should it be included, not. lanyards are cheap. I like the fact all I have to do is turn it on and turn it off. No buttons. No blue tooth. ON, OFF. Hands FREE. I wish it came with instruction regarding how to change the batteries. I almost wrapped the radios apart to try to find out where the batteries were hidden. FYI: teeny weeny phillips screw driver is required. we bought one used for fixing eyeglasses. Do not drop the screws. you will not find them.
    If my husband yells, I scream back….”turn on the radio!” Our boat is 65 ft long. sail sloop. The radio transmit far. When docking I can hand it to a person the dock to talk to my husband rather than have him hanging out of the boat to get hand signs. They are sold out now. Shame. I was going to buy them for two boats in which the wives are ready to jump in the water and swim to shore.

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